Guitar Lessons

We offer guitar lessons to all levels of individuals, from beginners to advanced players.  Emphasis is placed on proper technique, finding a good sound, learning to read and understand music, mastering a wide variety of songs, and working on improvisation.  Elements of classical guitar, jazz guitar, blues and rock guitar are utilized to give the student an overall view of the history and possibilities of the guitar.  Some of the texts used in class include method books by Hal Leonard and William Leavitt, as well as books by Scott Tennant, Jerry Bergonzi, Mick Goodrick, Pat Metheny and many others.  Students can delve deep in to music, or just learn some of their favorite songs off their ipod to relax!

Piano Lessons

We offer piano lessons to students as young as 5 through adults.  In some special cases, younger students will also be accepted.  Students are taught correct posture, to read notes and to understand musical terms.  Beginning students begin with the Bastien series of books as well as warm up excercies from the Dozen a Day series.  Supplemental material is found in the Faber and Faber series of books, as well as the standard classical repertoire.  Popular songs from Disney and the like are used to capture the imagination of young students.  Advanced lessons in classical literature, theory, composition, ear-training and jazz styles are also offered.  Preparation for the ABRSM may also be discussed.


Students from beginner to advanced will learn correct posture, to read notes and to understand musical terms.  Rubank, Ferling Etudes, and Walt Weiskopf jazz studies books are utilized.  Supplemental material will be given to students performing in school band or orchestra so they may reach a high level of achievement.  

Violin/Viola Lessons                 

                                                                                       Violin and viola lessons are available for students of all ages utilizing  standard classical repertoire.  A focus on proper beginning technique, ear-training and music fundamentals will be the underpinning of a broad musical education. Through organized and manageable steps, students will be guided through the necessary components of string playing. Lessons will be tailored to each students individual needs.