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Fall classes are now being set up!  The first class will be September 19th at 3:15pm.  Call us or email to reserve your spot!

Tonal Art Music Center is now offering a pre-school music class.  The class will run for 60 minutes, and will have a maximum of 5 students per class ages 2-5.  A parent or care-giver is required to attend the class, so they can learn the techniques being taught and reinforce them at home.

Students will be learning pre-instrumental techniques which will include the building blocks for reading music, listening, playing in a group, following instructions, good posture, and other music fundamentals. Indestructible violins will be used so the students can learn how to hold an instrument.  Kodaly and Suzuki techniques will be utilized.  Lessons learned will be transferable to all future music study whether the student decides to pursue violin, piano, guitar, flute or any other instrument.

The class instructor will be Mengwei Shen who has more then seven years of private teaching experience specializing in the Suzuki approach for beginning students ages 2 and up.  She also has extensive classical performance experience as both a soloist and as a member of larger ensembles.

Classes will be $25 per class, due in advance.  Purchase of a violin CD & parent book will be encouraged, but not required.

Mengwei Shin, Suzuki violin and class teacher

Mengwei Shin, Suzuki violin and class teacher

Mengwei Shen has played violin, piano, and other instruments for many years and enjoys leading children and their parents in creating memorable experiences through Suzuki and music education.  It is her hope as a teacher to guide families in providing a nurturing environment where children can thrive under consistent expectations and encouragement, as well as to inspire a sense of grace and excellence that will extend beyond music lessons.  In addition to training as a Suzuki teacher (Every Child Can!, Suzuki Principles in Action, Violin Units 1-5, Cello Unit 1), Mengwei has studied Kodály methodology at NYU and also arranges string quartets for church youth musicians.