Tonal Art Music Center. 47B Harrison St, Hoboken, NJ 07030. 973-665-2051

Private Music Lesson Rates

  • 30 min. stand alone lesson $35
  • 30 min. monthly pre-paid lesson $32
  • 30 min. family member discount $30 (monthly pre-paid)
  • 45 min. monthly pre-paid $48 
  • 60 min. monthly pre-paid $64 

Payment is due at the first lesson of the month for the entire month.  Students can start at any time during the month, it does not have to be in the beginning of the month.  Students can discontinue lessons at anytime by providing a months advance notice.  Students are welcome to try one lesson before committing to a months worth of lessons.


Each month an invoice is sent out via email which you can pay online. Cash or check can also be brought to the lesson. Cards can also be accepted at the school.


In almost every case students will be required to purchase books for use in practicing. Tonal Art Music generally has these on hand which we sell to our students at cost. If they are not available at the first lesson, they should be available by the next lesson.  Books typically range in price from $2-$10 each.

Family Member Discount Policy
If one student signs up the cost for a 30 minute lesson is $32, if a family member signs up both lessons will cost only $30.

New Student Referral Program
For every new student (different family) you refer that signs up for a month of lessons you will receive one free 30 min lessons to show our appreciation for helping us to get the word out about our school!


  • 24 hour notice required for all cancellations.  If students cancel lessons at the last minute, it really affects our teachers’ schedule as well as other students’ schedules.
  • Payment is always required for cancellations with less than 24 hour notice. (last minute cancellations). In cases of extreme illness, make-ups may be scheduled but it is left to the teacher’s discretion and availability.
  • Only one scheduled absence is allowed per semester.  The spring semester runs from January 4th-July 3rd.  Scheduled absences cannot be taken in the last 2 weeks of the semester (no scheduled absences between June 20th-July 4th).  If other scheduled absences are required, they must be made up or payment will be forfeited. Make-ups will be subject to teachers’ availability.
  • School calendars vary wildly in NJ.  Therefore, music lessons do NOT follow school calendars.  We do not close for spring break (every town is off a different week) but if you are going out of town this would be a good time to take a scheduled absence.  


  • Please try to keep your scheduled time for the entire semester.  If you must make a change, let us know and we will try to adjust.  Please understand that it is not always possible to get a different time slot. 
  • All teachers will try to keep their schedule consistent for the entire semester, but from time to time some schedules may need to be adjusted.